To realize his philosophy of always striving to make the most of outdoor/indoor living possibilities, Tom completes his overall goal by designing landscapes to appropriately accompany his vision for each project. Landscaping as a separate entity is not usually a project that TCA pursues, but it is rather a part of a larger overall view of creating a seamless whole. As a result, the majority of landscaping efforts that TCA has accepted and completed have been as an extension of the residential design and interiors Tom Callaway has executed. His emphasis is on a structural framework, first realized in hardscape and grading, to create a visual point of view of the outdoor space in harmony with the architectural style that the structure suggests to its surroundings. Conversely, Tom tries to sight his projects in such a way as to embrace their surroundings, often being inspired by the existing terrain or landscape, to influence the residential design style of the structure he is to design.